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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Good morning, Houseguests!"-March 4th

Hey guys & gals!! So sorry I'm a little late in getting started with posting, but I was taking videos for ya'll this morning as I had to tend to other obligations don't fret, I got ya covered! ;-)

Alright, so as soon as all the HG's got up, "Allison Two-Time" was in full campaigning mode again. She pitched more lies & bullshit to Chelsia, who obviously doesn't give a shit about keeping Allison in the game, and that was that.

A little bit later on, Matt, James and Chelsia discussed if they SHOULD keep Allison or not. At first, I started to panic because it looked as if they were going to keep her in the game only because it get THEM (Chelsia & James and Matt & Nat) 1 week further in game.

These next 3 videos are important to watch, so make time to watch them!! They talk about everything from the TWIST, to who to vote out, to when BB will end, and Matt & Nat have a convo that you don't wanna miss!!

Check'em out, all videos are courtesy of yours truly! :-D

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Off topic from the vids above:
if you're wondering if Chelsia knows about James' porn past, I think she does. She's been making comments here and there (nothing negative) that kind of hint towards it. But even if she doesn't know, she doesn't care! In fact, Chelsia was saying last night that 2 straight guys kissing/having sex is the HOTTEST thing to her. just found your soul mate, babe! ;-) hehe

Okay, I have some catching up to do, so hang tight while gather more info from the feed!!

Stay tuned...