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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chelsia to James: "I'll give you a BJ for the veto.."

Ohhh, what a classy lady! lol

Chelsia offered James a blowjob if he threw the POV comp.
(Video courtesy of Romie1218)

I believe she would and I know James would let her! lol

In other news, Evel Dick said that he will be on the live feeds at 5:30am BBT THIS MORNING!! That is 8:30am EST time. So if you're up getting ready for work, turn on the live feeds and see the last "Dick at Night" show (where he will smoke, spit, and talk to the camera's for the live feed viewers). After that, he will make his way into the BB house to wake up the HG's with pots & pans (starting with Josh lol) and then he will be hosting the POV comp which will last for about 5 hours!!! So Dick will be in the house for a good portion of the day. ;-)

Of course I'll be posting screenshots and videos when I get up. I'm going to get offline for the night, I'm still very sick but recovering slowly but surely. Until then...

Stay tuned...