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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Evel Dick on Big Brother 9 (show review)

Hey guys! Sorry I wasn't able to do the show review earlier, had to tend to offline stuff (wedding related) and couldn't be home..BUT I just got done watching it (ohh how I love my DVR! ;-) ) and this is the review of the show:

The HG's that won the free movie (called "21") watched it up in the HOH room: Chelsia, Sharon, Sheila, and Josh. They all had popcorn, candy, theater seats, and a flat screen tv to watch it on. They all enjoyed it!!

They showed Evel Dick enter the house early in the morning on Thursday and waking the HG's up by banging 2 pots together. He wasn't NEARLY as "Evel" as I thought he'd be. He talked for 2 weeks on housecalls on how he was gonna go off on Josh, and tell Sheila that he's not interested in her, and give the HG's a good wake up call, and blah blah blah. All bark, no bite. It was like a toned-down version of himself. Maybe he hyped it too much or something, I dunno.

So the HG's had to play the Veto comp. The comp included drinking up to 10 "shots" of the nastiest shit that you could drink and the more "shots" you drank, the more chances you got at playing croquet. James was the only one who drank all 10 shots and as we already knew, he won the veto. Dick cheered him on by making comments like "Come on, man! Your ass is on the line here!" and things of that nature. I really expected E.D. to be more brutual and have a lot more fun with the HG's but...he didn't. Maybe he wasn't allowed or something?? Eh, whatever. I'm over it. lol

I'm glad the CBS showed the shitty cocky attitude that James has been having for the past 2 weeks now. This "I'm better than EVERYONE!" attitude. The way he talks is different, the way he looks at people is different...he's just..different now and it's not a positive change. I think his ego is too big for his head. And him telling Chelsia (after he pulled himself off the block with the veto), looked at and smiled and said "Sorry Chelsia, you're going home." and laughed. What the fuck was that about???!???

During the ending of the show, I started to vent that I'm so sick of this years cast NOT PLAYING THE DAMN GAME!!! They are either "teaming" up with 1 or more players, or with 1 of the 2 "sides of the house". Yes, this week, Side A (Ryan, Natalie, Adam, Sheila) have the numbers on their side. But that won't be the case next week..or the week after...or the week after. See what I'm saying?? At WHAT POINT will these people start playing for themselves and not doing what OTHER houseguests want them to do?? It's a game. It's a BRUTAL game, and you have got to be fucking BRUTAL in it!!! This whole season has been a "I'll get you back for that!!" game. That's NOT how you play that game! It's not exciting, it doesn't work, and it's just a bunch of lies being told to a bunch of different people, and causing bullshit fights. It's stupid!!

CBS better give them all a "Big Brother: 101" class and soon! Here's a hint for anyone that is working for CBS and is reading this:

Do a 'Fast Forward' HOH tomorrow to get 2 people out, fuck up EVERYBODY'S game, and do something to turn EVERYONE against EVERYONE!! They need to be fighting for only themselves, not their TEAM or PARTNER...break that shit up and kick this game in gear already!!! COME ON!!!!

The MINUTE Sheila, Natalie, & Chelsia are out of this game, this season will start to heat up BIG TIME & major game play will begin!!

Okay, I'm doing ranting. lol ;-) Leave your comments below if you agree/disagree...I love to get all kinds of different feedback so SPEAK YOUR MIND!!!

Stay tuned....