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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Big Brother Till Death Do You Part

Since the live feeds weren't that exciting tonight, I started to ponder this years theme...or shall I say, "themes". First, you have the "Till Death Do You Part", and then you have the "dirty little secrets" theme as well.

I think all of my thinking started from the whole Matt-might-be-Sheilas-son thing (read a couple posts down if that topic is new to you). So I'm thinking that the Till Death Do You Part is the couples breaking up and splitting up into individuals (duh!) But I'm wondering if there is anything more to that or not??

The 'dirty little secrets' part is really making my brain storm, as well. We all know James' secret (porn star), Parker (works for TMZ), Sheila (Penthouse Pet), Ryan (had Jen in the house), Jen (had Ryan in the house), Josh (ex-cocaine sniffer)...just got me thinking: what is Adam's secret?? What is Chelsia's?? Amanda's? I dunno. Maybe I'm over thinking. But just like the BB house, "everything means something" and I'm just trying to see if there's anything that us viewers can figure out.

Any ideas?? Comments? Questions? Bueller? Bueller? lol ;-)
Leave'em below if you do!

Stay tuned...