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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eww moment of the day:

At 10:29am BBT, Josh was laying down (still waking up) and James crawled into bed. The camera man zoomed in on a gently used bottle of KY Jelly next to the bed, and then got a shot of Josh & James laying together. lol

Today's Ewww Moment of the Day:

I'm not sure if it was James & Chelsia that used it, Josh that used it (on himself) or if James used it on himself (he talks about masturbating all the time)..who knows.

Update: At 10:34am BBT, the HG's were ordered to go outside for an exterior lockdown. Nobody is sure why though. If it's anything important, I'll report it!!

Update: The reason for the lockdown was because Big Brother switched kitchen tables, it is now a smaller dinner table.

Stay tuned...