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Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Good morning, housguests!" (screencaps)

Most of the HG's are up and getting ready for the day....slowly but surely.

Sharon cut up some melon for the guinea pigs and then fed them:

James is making breakfast...

Sheila has her coffee and roaming around the house:

And Adam is trying to wake up lol

James and Adam are both in the kitchen (about to eat breakfast that James is cooking) and they're talking about how they can't believe that America voted for Alex to go back into the house. They started to rag on him saying that he has millions of dollars from his fathers death (during 9/11) and that he owns/runs a highly profitable DJ service and he was just in the BB house "for fun".

Alright kids, I'm going to go make some tea (I'm still really sick) and I might lay down to get some rest, but I'll be back once the HG's fully wake up and the drama/scheming starts up again right before nom's, which will be held today in the afternoon.

Stay tuned...