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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feeds on Trivia (2 hours until show time!)

Okay, around 2pm BBT, the feeds switched to trivia and the live feeds most likely won't be back until AFTER the show!

Tonight is THE PERFECT NIGHT to get the live feeds if you don't already have them! No matter what happens tonight, there is going to be MAJOR DRAMA in the house..that's a guarantee!! If the siren goes off, there'll be drama. If it doesn't, there'll be drama/anticipation. If Allison & Ryan are not evicted, there will be MAJOR DRAMA! Any way you slice it, there will be drama on the feeds and PLENTY of action to watch!!

Don't have the live feeds yet?


The trial is for 2 weeks and just $15 bucks a month after that.

If you don't plan on buying the live feeds and you plan on using this blog for updates, keep these things in mind:

I cut through all the crap on the feeds (boring moments, etc) and bring you guys only the stuff you would want to see! Nakedness, fights, kissing, flirting, scheming; I cover it all & add in videos & pics. I don't get paid to do this, it's something that I enjoy..but it doesn't pay the bills sadly. So if you plan on being with us for the whole season (which would be AWESOME!!), I only ask that you spare a dollar or two for my time & effort. Hey, it's hella cheaper than the feeds for 3 months (which I pay for out of my own pocket) and even if you do have the feeds and you can't watch them all the time, let me do it for you!! I hope ya'll think that all my time & effort that I put into the blog is totally worth a dollar or two, and if nothing else, you would be helping me pay for my wedding in June! :-D

Thanks everyone!!!

Stay tuned...