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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The live feeds came back for a moment...

For a brief momemnt (a couple of minutes), the live feeds came back from trivia! It was Ryan & Matt talking about how BB won't let them see the HOH comp set up outside (usually the do a walk-thru so that everyone understands what to do and there's no confusion during the live show).

They think that everyone is going to be playing as individuals. This is interesting: I'm wondering if the whole Jericho virus thing is that the virus "killed" them as couples and they now have to play as individuals...hmm!! And I'm REALLY hoping that either (A) they bring a couple back (which I am positive they will since everyone has been in sequester since the first eviction)...or...(B) they evict Allison but keep Ryan. I love Ryan, he's a great guy and he's done a great job in the game..until "Allison Two Times" opened up her mouth and screwed them both over.

And as I posted a few days ago (when Natalie thought this would be a short season), the HG's were talking about they are, indeed, going to have a FULL season of BB (until May 3rd).

Okay kids, the time is now 7:32pm EST and the show starts in just 28 minutes!!! Folks, this is going to be one of the most talked about Big Brother shows in the history of BB and you're not gonna wanna miss it!! But, if you are away from your tv (stuck at work, or a place where you have only an internet connection and no tv), then this is the spot to be at because I will be reporting LIVE, play by play, what is going on!!

Stay tuned...