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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Good morning, Houseguests!"-March 5th

The HG's are up (they've been up, I haven't lol). Since I didn't get to bed until around 5am EST from all the updates I was doing overnight for you guys, I haven't been up until an hour ago.

The siren hasn't sounded yet, my guess is it will happen during the live show tonight. A Big Brother 9 Blog fan posted a comment this morning that he noticed on that the pics of the houseguests are all in color: the evicted HG's pics used to be greyed out, but not today. Interesting! Also, there is a new BB commercial saying something about "2 houseguests will be evicted, but will big brother let them leave?" I'm trying to find the commercial but I haven't found it yet. Not sure if it's even online.

Matt & Allison got into it this morning. Matt told her that it is *her* fault that she is where she is (on the block and going home) and that she has nobody else to blame but herself. THANK YOU, MATT!! Finally somebody told her!! There WAS a video of it, but now the video says its "unavilable" so I have no clue what happened.

But here's a video of Ryan & Allison after the whole Matt vs Allison argument. Matt & Ryan make fun of her "game play" that she is so proud of:
(Video courtesy of All4bb8)

Right now, the HG's are on lockdown in the HOH room and they're going to remain that way for most of the day until tonights live eviction. They are all talking about mindless chatter (weddings, birthdays, etc etc)

The voting (to evict Allison/Ryan) will be pre-taped today, and the HG's think it's so that they have more time for a physical HOH comp later. I personally think it's to have more time for the whole siren thing. We'll see!! Only 6 more hours to go!!

Stay tuned...