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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Last set of screenshots for the night (pics)

As Sharon was looking at a picture of her and Jacob in the HOH room, the lay started to fall off and as she put it back on, the picture fell and the glass broke everywhere! She thinks its a "sign"...a bad sign! And she's totally stressing about it right now (and for the past 20 mins):

Josh got out of the tub (he took a bubble bath), got dressed, and started to eat some food but he didn't eat too much. Too much stress=no appetite.

About 10 mins before curfew (1am BBT), Josh decided to take 1 more stroll downstairs. He ran into James for a second (who was in pink underwear) but then James went to bed when BB told him to put on his mic.

Josh remained downstairs and had some (stressful) quiet time by himself.

..and then he stared at the front door (and probably prayed that noone would come through it when the siren sounds off):

Josh & Sharon are now in bed, stressing out together..

..but with each passing minute, they are calming down and talking trash on other HG's. Right now, they're talking about Natalie's vagina & ass always being shown, and how Chelsia needs to get a bathing suit that actually fits her (the bottoms of her bikini's are always wayyy too big on her). lol

Alright kids, it's 4:30am EST and I'm off for the night. I took off of work tonight (I'm an online freelancer) to bring ya'll all these updates & such, so I'm going to have to work early in the morning instead. Sooo, with that being said...

G'dnight!! :-)