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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The HG's are up! Sheila had a dream/premonition (vid)

The HG's are finally up and moving about!! They woke up about 10am BBT. The girls (and Josh) were in the bathroom getting their makeup on and getting ready for the day.

Sheila had a weird dream last night (and possibly a premonition!):

She was telling Natalie that her (Nat) and Matt got into an accident and that Nat was bleeding really bad & Matt was bleeding too, but not as bad as Natalie. And then Adam was trying to hug Nat and make sure she's okay and Nat flipped out on him telling him not to touch her and etc. James thinks it's more of a premonition than a dream. Could it be? Hmm!! We shall see because today is the POV Ceremony where we will see if James backdoors anyone!! Though James thinks it might be more than a dream (and by the look on Josh's face, he thinks so too), Sheila was still saying that she has a "gut feeling" that she will be going home this week. James told her to "go with her gut feeling, then." lol

Oh, the POV Ceremony will begin between Noon-1pm BBT today.

Stay tuned...