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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The HG's know there's a twist coming!!!!

Last night at around 1am BBT, Josh, Chelsia, and James were the only ones out in the backyard talking. This is when Chelsia got the idea that EVERYONE in the house are real life couples (with the exception of her & James, and Josh & Neil). They spent an hour convincing themselves that it was true, and then they asked Adam when he went outside for a smoke, and at first he was like "hmmmm! maybe!", but then shit just wasn't adding up. He even went on to say that "Big Sheila" hates him:

Adam: "Big Sheila...that bitch HATES me, dude! No way we're together."

So then Matt and Ryan came out later on after they finished playing a game of chess and that's when everyone started talking about another twist.

The video I recorded for you guys is a little different than I normally do: because they talked for SO LONG about it, I figured I would just capture clips here & there of the most important stuff and save you guys the time of watching 5 different videos lol You'll thank me later ;-)

Okay, so here is the video of the highlights of last nights "twist convo":

More updates to come!

Stay tuned...