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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

James might STAY!!!!

What a DAY it has been so far on the live feeds!!! TONS of scheming, planting, plotting, lies, and...get ready for this..TRUTH IN THE HOUSE!!! (ya, amazing isn't it?! lol)

Okay, so here's what's been going on:

James already has votes to stay from Chelsia & Josh.
Then he worked Adam to his side.
Then he talked to Ryan and asked him to vote if it was a tie.
(I think Ryan actually will!)
But here's the kicker, I don't think James will even need Ryan, he MIGHT HAVE NATALIE'S VOTE!!

Natalie fooled us all last night with the convo between her and Matt (when she caught him a lie about kissing Sharon up in the HOH a week or so ago). Now that she knows for a FACT that he lied to her, and that the "Bros Alliance" will eventually push her out of the group, AND the fact that she knows she is Matt's puppet, is all leading her to possibly vote for James to stay!! And Natalie is cutting deals to ensure that she is safe from being nom'ed this week AND asked for Chelsia to just be nice to her (since she's so mean all the time to her lol)

Now if only Sheila will keep her fucking mouth shut and STOP telling Natalie to not vote for James to stay, then all will be well!

Speaking of Sheila, THE WHOLE HOUSE now knows that she's a snitch (told you guys that they'd all find out!) I bet she's a target this week for eviction...wait and see!! Ohhhh tangled up you are in your web of lies. lol

This is getting very interesting! Get the live feeds, folks! It's days like these that they are TOTALLY worth the $15/month!!

Okay, so here is the video of James saying that he has a chance to stay in the game (courtesy of yours truly! ;-) )
[edit: YouTube deleted THIS video as well!!! Wtf?!!?! I also noticed how none of the other BB9 bloggers have uploaded a video in the past 2 hours..probably because they can't or they're getting deleted. Fucking YouTube!!!]

If I could record the feeds all day, I would have! They've been jam-packed with action!!

More updates to come, so..

Stay tuned...