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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Who will go? Who will stay? And more importantly, who do you want to see go?

The house is pretty calm this morning, nothing that exciting. I think they're all just so damn happy that today has FINALLY come! It's been a week of hell for all of them and they can finally 'get the show on the road' after tonight's live eviction.

Currently, the HG's are all on HOH lockdown (as of 12:15 BBT). This is where Josh said he would blow up at Sheila first..IF she started to talk about her boring stories and bullshit complaints again. Could Round 1 of the Josh vs Sheila be coming shortly?? We'll find out!! ;-)

Right now, the HG's are talking about the HOH comp will be a purely mental comp. I'm a big fan of the endurance comps and I wish every other week they had one. The mental comps are over in like 5 mins! Blahh.

Okay kids, stick around for A TON of updates ALL DAY today!!

Who will stay?
Who will go?
Who will be the next HOH?

Stay tuned...