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Sunday, March 2, 2008

James & Matt had a fight tonight (videos)

Okay, are you ready for this? Matt actually DEFENDED Natalie tonight!! Granted, he called her a "mental case" while defending her (lol), but he defended her nontheless.

*Taken at 8:43pm BBT*

No set up for this video needed:
(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

..and here's Part 2 (even more interesting!):

Now Matt is gunning for James and his new goal is to fuck Chelsia..literally.

The problem with that is, Matt is going around telling Sharon and Ryan that he's gonna try to get Chelsia (just to fuck with James' game). As I heard earlier on the feeds from Matt, he said "I know how to get to him...I'll get to his girl. Done." Great plan if (A) Chelsia falls for it...and (B) he can keep his mouth shut and do it in stealth mode. It's kinda hard to "play" someone when you're going around telling everyone that you LIVE WITH what your goal is. lol ;-)

Anyways, so then Matt goes inside the house and tells Natalie (who was in the sauna) how he defended her and that people in the house WILL try to break her down & cry, but to let him handle it and not stress over it.

Because of this, Natalie tells Sheila that she loves him even more (oh boy lol):

Sharon ran straight up to the HOH room to tell Josh about everything that happened outside and they start making fun of Matt and some of the things that Josh said are just hilarious! LOL

(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Okay kids, it's 3am EST and I'm going to bed! See ya'll in the morning!!