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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Whinning, bitching, paranoia. Oh, Big Brother!!

Josh is stressed out and it's because nobody in the house will actually tell Allison that they're voting her out (even though they are). So Josh is stressing out..big time!...that the house is going to turn against him and keep her in the game.

Allison is pulling the "I ADORE you! Adore you!" routine on Natalie again right now. Natalie was, once again, complaining about Matty (rightfully so, he treats her like garbage sometimes and I genuinely feel bad for her), and Allison is taking advantage of Natalie's vulnerable moment. And with Natalie having a beer (and she has a couple of spare beers with her for quick refills lol), she's bound to get emotional and fall right into Allison's trap. I gotta hand it to Allison..she's playing the game right (for once!) Too little, too late. But she is playing the game right for once.

James, Adam, and Matty are talking & smoking outside by the firepit coffee table about random topics. Matty throws in the occasional "Natalie is.." bad comment here and there. He just said that he's going to make Natalie cry everyday so that she toughens up. lol Oh, Chelsia just joined the guys outside now.

Well, the live feeds are starting to get more interesting with every sip of beer tonight! Hope it continues! ;-)

Stay tuned...