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Friday, March 7, 2008

Josh now the target!

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a few hours but I needed to take care of a ton more wedding stuff and things just kinda snowballed from there. Ya, it's been one of those days. *sigh*

Anyways, so here's the deal:

The original plan was to backdoor Matt. However, probably the most underestimated girl in the game has stepped up the plate in hopes of knocking Josh 'outta the park'.

Okay, so Sheila approached Ryan in the backyard and basically is going with the boys (Adam, Matt, & Ryan) right now and trying to get Josh evicted. I'm not so sure that's a smart move though on Sheila's behalf, considering that the boys wanted to stick together ("Bros Alliance" and "Smokers Alliance", anyone?) and they wanted to start kicking out the girls. Little do they know that another HG will be returning next week and it's going to fuck up ALL their plans.

That's neither here nor there right now, so I digress. ;-)

Sheila worked her magic and convinced Ryan to gun for Josh instead of Matt.

Here's the 3 videos, all of them courtesy of xx2OOxx:

Ummm...can somebody please tell Sheila that she doesn't HAVE a partner anymore? Cbs, can you do that please? K, thanks. ;-)

and here is Part 2:

and here is Part 3:

I have a feeling that Sheila just put a target on her back now all because she's pissed that her "best friend" Allison is gone. I think this is the wrongest move that Sheila could make in this game at this point. Just my opinion.

What do you guys & gals think? Leave a comment below!!!

Stay tuned...