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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Josh still freaking out...HG's have 1am curfew tonight

The curfew isn't anything new, it's every night before a live eviction. The HG's are getting ready for bed, except for Josh..

He's pretty much still freaking out LOL

While some HG's think the siren will go off between midnight & 6am, others think it will go off right after the live eviction takes place.

Update: 12:01am BBT

We got flames on the feeds!!!!!!!! WTF is going on??!!

Update: 12:05am BBT
..false alarm lol The feeds are back. The D.R. made Natalie give back a napkin that she's been writting notes on (with nail polish) just a minute ago.

Update: 12:18am BBT
The Diary Room let Natalie keep her sign after all. Now she's going over it with many things are in the house (glasses, logs on the walls, books, etc etc)

JUST ADDED: A video of Natalie's napkin
(Video courtesy of Teslad)

Stay tuned...