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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The houseguests are FREAKING OUT!! lol (video)

Big Brother and that siren are driving the HG's insane! lol

Josh is FREAKING OUT over the siren AND the possibility that Allison could stay in the house if the twist involves her somehow.

This video needs no intro, just WATCH IT!!!

Video courtesy of yours truly! ;-)
(I'm working overtime for ya'll tonight!)

Also, Allison has got on EVERYONE's last nerve tonight!! With Allison going from person to person bugging them to tell her what their votes will be, the house has had ENOUGH and BLEW UP at Allison!!! All the guys, even her partner Ryan, blew up at her and told her to STOP!!!

Speaking of, here is "Allison Two-Time" doing a little stalking of her own tonight while showering:

UPDATE (11:28pm BBT):
Sheila: "Big Brother said that we have to be available (for the show) the whole way up until May 3rd. It's not a short season this season!"


Stay tuned...