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Monday, March 24, 2008

Josh was to play a "straight guy" on BB

This is, sadly, the most interesting that the feeds have been all day/night. The houseguests have been bored and just bullshitting about stupid stuff all day. Chelsia has come to terms with her fate in the game and she has stopped going crazy in the house.

What is it with the HG's this year? As Evel Dick said on housecalls (on a couple weeks ago, "this season, the houseguests just seem to lay down and die and not try to stay in the game at all. They accept that they will get evicted, and lay down and die."

I couldn't agree more. For $500k, I would be doing anything & everything I possibly could in order to stay in the game! Alex didn't campaign, Parker didn't campaign, and Chelsia hasn't campaigned (unless you call her going off on Natalie campaigning). Even Adam said something similar on the feeds tonight: "She hasn't even tried to make a deal with me or anything, dude. She jokes around about what will it take to get my vote, but she's never pulled me aside and seriously asked me."

So, like I was saying, Josh said he was going to originally go in the house playing as a straight guy:

Stay tuned....