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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Live Eviction/Twist/Siren (live spoliers!!!)

The show is starting!!!

*****WARNING: Spoiler!!*****

The show has started and they are reviewing the last episode (and about the siren), which makes me believe that it will happen during tonights episode!!!

8:03pm: Julie talking...confirms that a twist WILL happen TONIGHT!! (siren?)
8:04pm: Review of the POV ceremony...
8:05pm: Allison saying it's time to split ways with Sheila..Matt says "whoever stays in the house, owes me a favor next week!"
8:06pm: showing the HG's talking about the siren the past couple of days..
8:06pm: Natalie thinks past HG's will be coming back..Matt doesn't think they'll split up in groups (others do).
8:07pm: showing Josh freaking out on Monday (lol)
8:08pm: Allison tells Ryan she doesn't trust Matt or Nat at all..Ryan talks to Matt.
8:08pm: Matt lying to Ryan, saying he'll stay in the game...
8:08pm: showing Matt assuring Ryan & Allison and Adam and Sheila of his votes
8:08pm: Allison believes Matt will vote for her & Adam to stay..
8:09pm: Allison trying to see who James & Chelsia will vote for...
8:10pm: James & Sheila in spa room, talking about not letting anyone know who they're going to vote to stay in the house...
8:11pm: James figures out that Matt is, indeed, playing both Alli & Ryan and Sheila & Adam.
8:11pm: showing James confronting Matt on his lies (their huge fight)
8:12pm: this is when Matt gets pissed for being called out in front of both couples he has promised his votes for..

8:12pm: Julie JUST ANNOUNCED that she will TELL US, THE VIEWERS, WHAT THE SIREN WILL MEAN WHEN IT SOUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:13pm: ..and commercial.

(hang tight, folks! :-D )

8:17pm: back from commercial...checking in LIVE with the HG's!
8:18pm: getting their take on what they think the siren means
8:18pm: talking to Sharon about Jacob...then Joshua...
8:18pm: Sharon said she "never know" about getting back w/ Jacob
8:19pm: showed clip of Nat & Matt winning HOH (funny and cute hehe)
8:20pm: Julie talking about Matt & Nat's non-existant relationship that Nat wants so bad.
8:21pm: showing Matt & Nat talking (a couple days ago) in hammock
8:21pm: showing the coffee shop where Nat works..and some of her art work (she's really talented, actually! wow!)
8:22pm: Nat's co-workers are talking about not liking Matt for her..
8:22pm: showing Matt's "Boston Boys" back home...

8:13pm: ..and commercial.


The HG's will play as individuals now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This post is gonna be hang tight...

Okay, this is what's going down:

As Allison & Ryan were trying to leave (the door was locked) and then siren went off!! The HG's went to the living room and were told that they are NO LONGER COUPLES and will be playing as individuals in the game (the look on their faces was shocked and I could actually SEE Josh having a heart attack lol)

Now the HG's have until commercial break to evict either RYAN or ALLISON...

Gueeesssss who's going hhhoooommmeee.....*does happy dance* LOL :-D We'll find out in the minute...

1 vote Allison to leave (by Adam)...
1 vote Allison to leave (by Chelsia)...
1 vote Allison to leave (by Matt)....
1 vote Allison to leave (by Sheila)...

ALLISON IS EVICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU, BIG BROTHER GODS!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! w00t w00t!!!!

happy feet...I got HAPPY FEEET!!!!!

lollll :-D

Okay, time for the HOH comp...its a questions comp...

The New & First Single HOH is....


(go Ryan!! You deserve it, buddy!! :-D )