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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Morning in the BB house (vid)

Good morning (or early afternoon, depending on where you live)!! The morning in the BB house is calm. The Diary Room have already begun to call in HG's one by one to say their goodbye messages to Ryan and Matt. Natalie is currently in the D.R.

Speaking of DR, last night, James told Chelsia that the D.R. wants Matt to stay:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

At 10:45am BBT, Matt and Adam were chilling at the breakfast nook in the kitchen talking and Josh came in for a minute and Josh & Matt exchanged some words (kinda funny lol):
Video courtesy! ;-)

Right now, all feeds are on Sheila & Ryan talking in the backyard (in one of the boat loungers). Sheila is saying the same shit, over and over again. Even Josh said something this morning about how Sheila & Natalie are always talking about the same stories and it's getting old really quick. Here is a little piece of the convo going on between Sheila & Ryan right now:

Sheila: "Matt hasn't done anything to me, so just know that."
Ryan: "Ya, but what has Matt done for you?"

Matt, when talking to Adam this morning, said that Ryan will walk out of here with $30G's, free & clear. Matt will (at this point) walk away with nothing. Remember, Jen won $5,000 for being part of the first couple evicted, and Ryan won that $10G's a couple weeks ago when he was HOH. Not sure where the other $15G's come from though (I missed that part).

Last night, it was Matt, Nat, Ryan, and Chelsia (who is still trying to infiltrate the Boys Alliance and doing a great job at it) were all sitting around the hot tub talking and Natalie made up a lie that she is a Seahawks Cheerleader, and because she knows everything about the Seahawks, they all believed her. Not sure why she lied about that. ::shrugs:: Pretty stupid if you ask me.

Anyways, moving on...
Right now it is too close to call to say if Matt or Ryan will stay in the house. I personally think that Matt will stay, simply for the fact that the D.R. told James they want him to stay and we all know how well CBS can sway things in the BB house to work out the way that they want them to. Perfect example: James being evicted and then coming back and Alex not coming back like we all thought.

Speaking of that, I was watching Housecalls this morning and Kaysar was on it and they were still getting a ton of people calling in and emailing about how unhappy they are with CBS for pulling that shit on the viewers. Kaysar agreed with all of them, he did not like how CBS pulled that one off mainly for the fact that they were building up so much hype with letting us vote and everything, only to throw in a dumb twist like that. If you wanna see this mornings episode of Housecalls, head on over to and click on "Big Brother" (there's a link over there somewhere of all archived HC shows.)

Matt told Adam this morning that he's done campaigning and that he was up late last night talking to different people trying to get votes and that he's done all he can do. Oh, but he's not done campaigning!! ;-) He already worked his magic on Josh and now Josh is thinking about voting to keep him in!!

Okay, I'll be updating throughout the day with more videos, screencaps, and transcripts of convos (for those of you at work and can't play the vids). You know the drill...

Stay tuned...