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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Natalie forms a NEW alliance w/ Sharon & tells her everything!!

This will put a HUGE target on Natalie now. She can't keep a secret for nothing, and she's playing too many people: that's a recipe for disaster in the BB house!

Natalie told Sharon about the "new" alliance but that she wants to ditch that and have an all-girl alliance (Sheila, Nat, and Sharon) and Natalie wants to keep Sharon and send Josh packing! WOW!!!

Introducing, the "Girl Power" alliance:
(All videos in this post are courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Not only did Natalie tell Sharon everything, but then she went and told SHEILA everything (even after Josh & Ryan told Nat *not* to):

Since Adam is the swing vote (to evict Sharon), Ryan & Josh approached Adam to try to get his vote to get Sharon out:

Are you with me still? Okay! lol Just checking. ;-)

Alright, so as Natalie was betraying the Josh/Nat/James/Ryan alliance, Josh was downstairs telling James that he is not holding true to the alliance and that he wants to get Natalie out of the house next week!! This is a GREAT move for Josh and he doesn't even know it! ;-)

Nat, staying true to her new "Girl Power" alliance, works Adam (the swing vote) to vote out Josh:

Then Nat said Josh did it all and turned Sharon against him. WHat a bitch.

I gotta say, I though this week was going to be totally predictable and now it is totally NOT!!!!!! I seriously have no clue who will go home!! Hell, the POV ceremony hasn't even taken place yet, so who knows, maybe Sheila will go up instead of Sharon and it'll be a done deal...or maybe Sharon *will* go up and all hell will break lose with alliances/promises being made & then broken, and then....let the backstabbing continue! ;-)

It's going to be IN-SANE this week!!! It already is!!!!!!!

I won't be online for the next 24 hours (I'm going out of town for a day), so if you didn't get the live feeds yet, GET THEM NOW!!!! Like I said before, it costs you NOTHING!! Not a penny, nothing for 14 straight days! Actually, my trial lasted for 17 days this season, so who knows, maybe you'll luck out. lol


Because so much shit is happening in the house, I highly HIGHLY recommend them now! I will be back on Sunday early afternoon to report ALL of Saturday and an up-to-the-minute update, so check back them!

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!! :-D

Stay tuned....