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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Friday Late Night Report-March 28th

Hey everyone!!! So sorry I was away a bit longer than expected, but I'M BACK and in full reporting mode!! ;-)

Alright, let's start ya'll off with the happenings that went down on late Friday night and then I'll follow up with Saturday's report and then today's report for Sunday:

Late Friday night, Adam pranked Sheila by taking one of her O.B. tampons, put salsa on it (to simulate blood), and put in the downstairs bathroom:

Natalie was told by the boys to 'go use the bathroom' to discover the prank and she did:

Next to find the tampon, James and Josh...and Adam rolls on the ground laughing (lol):

Later on, they put the tampon in Sheila's room and she found it & laughed it off.

Then after that, James poured water on Sheila's head (he was standing near the HOH room and Sheila was downstairs):

OKay, the Saturday report is coming right up!!

Stay tuned...