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Friday, March 28, 2008

Natalie now knows why Sheila is begging to be a pawn (vid)

Natalie wasn't sure what Sheila's motive was behind her begging to be used as a pawn this week. Josh went into Sheila's room and asked her straight up why and she never gave any answer, just danced around the question and rambled.

Josh & James filled Natalie in on what Sheila's motives are for wanting to be a pawn; Sheila is basically covering all of her bases. She's doing Natalie a "favor" and will use it against her later on ("I helped you! Now help me!" type of thing), or if she ends up being used as a pawn, she will hold it over the person she "saved" by saying shit like "I saved you from going home! Now do the same for me!"

Natalie caught Sheila giving pep talks to both Josh & James individually to win the POV today and that's what made Natalie think 'wtf is going on' and what is Sheila's true motives and strategy. Now that she knows, I have a feeling that Sheila (if used as a pawn) will go home over James or Josh this week!! Yes, I said it...I think SHEILA will go home this week, NOT James or Josh!!! We'll see what happens with the POV and nominations on Sunday, but don't be shocked if that happens!! ;-)

Video courtesy of yours truly:

As of 11:41am BBT, the HG's are just waiting for the veto comp to start. They are ALL anxious to play and everyone "feels" that they're going to win. And surprisingly, all the HG's are getting along. Sheila is STILL ranting & raving to Sharon (its been about an hour now lol)

Stay tuned...