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Friday, March 28, 2008

Sheila is annoying the HG's this morning (vid)

As previously posted below, Sheila has been annoying the hg's this morning with her ranting & raving. In this video, she rants to Sharon. Prior to Sharon, it was Ryan. Adam is trying to stay clear of her and James & Josh are fully aware of her ranting and will try to steer clear of her as well. lol

Video courtesy of yours truly ;-)

*Warning: If you're a guy, you might not want to read've been warned! lol*

Sheila is apparently on her period, and while she was showering this morning (with Sharon next to her in the other part of the shower), blood was dripping down her leg and running all over the place. Ryan told all of this Adam and James and they all shared "Ewww!!" comments and Adam said that he's going to wear flip-flops in the shower because that's "raunchy". Ryan also told the boys that she's a "heavy bleeder" (too much info, but ok lol) and that she needs to wear a tampon and a pad at the same time.

Sheila: (to Sharon) "I'm bleeding like a freakin' dead animal today!"

And Sheila is announcing to the whole house that she is BEGGING Natalie to go up as a pawn if Josh or James wins the POV today. She "knows" she is safe and she doesn't want Sharon being the pawn again. Let's see here....a raging Sheila is getting on HG's nerves and is offering herself up as a pawn?? Maybe Josh or James won't go home this week!! lol

Update: As of 11:08am BBT (2:08pm EST), Sheila is STILL ranting and raving to Sharon. She keeps repeating the same shit over, and over, and over again.

Stay tuned...