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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Okay, by request:the Chelsia/Allison/James video

As previously posted, James/Chelsia/Allison made out last night. While Josh and Natalie thought that Allison gave them handjobs (which is not true), it was just the three of them making out:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

..and here's another quick (and funny) video from TheRealDeal (you an actually SEE them making out in this one):

Then Allison and washed her hands (sparking the whole handjob inquiry) and James "finished" himself off into a sock. Since nobody could sleep, all the guys gathered outside for a cig and a convo (Chelsia & Natalie later came outside). James announced his jerk-off session, and Adam announced that he had done that hours ago and passed out afterwards lol (Go Adam!!) I know Adam has been sexually frustrated for weeks now, so I'm glad he was able to pop off a load! ;-)

After everyone was done talking, they all retreated inside..and James ran through the house naked as the day he was born and smacked Matt in the face with his cum filled socked (omg that's sick!) Matt told him to watch out because he was going to jerk off in his hand and smear it all over his forehead as he slept LOL

But, that's not all that happened in the past 24 hours!!

The night before, James gave pleasure to Chelsia late in the night by fingering her. They tried to do it on the sly (they pretended to be asleep) but she was clearly getting finger banged under the sheets. lol Our good friend xx200xx was up and caught it on video! The only problem is, I can't post the video here (like I can with YouTube videos), so instead, I'll give you guys the link:

James fingering Chelsia Video

Chelsia then returned the favor and jacked James off:

Chelsia jerking James off

I feel like I'm promoting porn, not Big Brother happenings lol :-P

More updates on the HG's coming right up!!

Stay tuned...