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Sunday, March 2, 2008

A whole lotta everything! (updated @ 4:48am EST)

Just when I thought it was going to be a calm night in the house, since everyone had seemingly went to bed at such an early time, I sparked the live feeds back up and low & behold, Josh & Natalie were sitting outside the HOH room and chatting up a whisper-storm!

Natalie was telling Josh that Allison said she will do "anything" to get votes and that she thought that Allison was giving James a handjob at the same she was giving a handjob to Chelsia. Did ya get all that? If not, here's the video:

Then came time for the blessing of the Big Brother House by both Josh & Natalie (this video is funny lol) and Chelsia confirms that her Allison were indeed making out, but she never said how far they went. Interesting! Anyways, here's the vid:

The whole house got up after that. Everyone is MORE than paranoid that the siren will sound in the middle of the night (Natalie thinks between 4am and 8am when everyone is dead asleep). Adam, on the other hand, kept reminding everyone that the letter said "in the coming weeks"..obviously it's not stressing him out like it is with the other HG's.

Josh is having a hard time keeping his strength in the house lately. From all the bullshit with Allison, to not being able to trust ANYONE in the house, to now stressing out about this new "twist" in the game (which makes all of his well-thought-out plans for the game go to shit)..Josh has had it and he's slowly breaking. But the good news is that he SEES that he's breaking and he spent a nice amount of time in the backyard around 1am BBT by himself and praying to God to give him strength and then he just sat there thinking and looking like he is lonely/confused/broken.

Here's a video of Josh praying:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

My outlook on the HG's have been slowly changing the past week. Though I think Josh has to watch his words sometimes, I still love the guy. He's funny, he's smart as hell, and he's playing the game right!! Sharon, someone who I could give two shits about the first week or two of the game, has all of a sudden become one of my fav's in the house. She is VERY smart and always two steps ahead of everyone it!! :) My dislike for Allison grows for every passing hour that she is awake...scratch that...for every hour that she is breathing. lol Game aside, her true personality has come out in the past week and it's very ugly!! Her personality sucks, the way she talks, the way she thinks, the way she portrays herself as a slutty bisexual nympho all of a sudden..gosh, I could go on & on about her, but I won't.

Ryan has gained my utmost respect for being a gentleman. James...not sure yet what to think about him yet...I love the kid don't get me wrong, but I feel like he's holding back alot of his personality, I can only hope we start to see all of who James really is in the next few weeks (if he's still around). He could be holding back strictly for game play and that would make total sense. went from cute lil funny chick to a straight-up bisexual nympho freak! lol BUT, I love her for it! She's being her and she's not ashamed of it. How many people hide who they truly are out of fear of being judged? Damn near all of us. So a major kudos to Chelsia for being herself!!!

Adam is starting to grow on me. lol He's funny as hell, he's open & honest about who he is..I like him!! :) Sheila. Oh, Sheila. Her voice is irritating and I think I would fall out of my chair if I ever saw her NOT sitting on a couch sideways and propping her head up with her hand lol But I love that she's being conscious of her 16 yr old son that watches the show/feeds/showtime and she's not doing anything that could come back to haunt him.

Natalie. Natalie is really starting to grow on me. She has proven this week that she is actually MUCH smarter than she lets on. I remember seeing her talking (on the live feeds) a few days ago, and her words & voice completely changed from that "hehe!!" voice, to a "listen to me! this and this is going on..." kind of voice. She sounded intellectual and I think that some of what she is doing is only game related acts. Not all of the time, but maybe some of the time. She's starting to shock the hell out of me, and I don't get shocked easily (nor impressed easily).

Matty. My opinions of that asshole haven't changed lol Though I think he's an ass (and he actually takes PRIDE in being asshole, he says it on a daily basis, I'm not insulting him lol), he is playing the game VERY well and for that, I must give kudos to. Don't care for the kid, but gawwww damn he's playing BB like a fine violin!!

Okay kids, its 3:30am and I'm beat. I'm going to try to get those videos uploaded right now, but if they're not, then that means I passed out at the computer & I'll do them when my cat jumps on my head in the morning and wakes me up lol :-P

G'dnight! :)

UPDATED @ 4:48am EST:
Josh is still up and paranoid about the whole "twist" thing. He can't seem to fall asleep.

He's now in the HOH room but he turned on the monitor and he's flipping 'channels' to view every room he can in the house. Poor Josh! :(

Okay, now I'm REALLY going to bed!! Must...get...sleep!