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Friday, March 7, 2008

Quick Overnight Report

Hey everyone! Since I was up till 3am posting happenings in the BB house, I'll make this "Overnight Report" short & sweet:

The POV was not played last night, as Sharon first suspected. It will be held today (more info on that coming up, so hang tight!)

James & Chelsia took some more time out of the day to get in some more cuddling...

...and then James left the bathroom, but quickly returned to get in a good passionate kiss! (Awww!)

Then we had Natalie up in the HOH room showing us all how to give birth (video is in previous post, she was just doing a "skit" for fun):

And as preivously posted, the houseguests all got a surprise in the backyard late last night! If you were watching the Showtime "After Dark" show, then you saw it already.

The HG's were up all night playing/practicing.

They're thinking it will be used for the POV later on today. We'll see!!

Okay, stick around, I'm going to be posting an update on today's events in just a few minutes!!

Stay tuned...