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Friday, March 7, 2008

Veto Comp BEGINS!!

Alright, let's bring ya'll up to speed:

Major shifts in power developed late last night! The "girls" club, consisting of Natalie, Sheila, Sharon, and Josh lol) put together a plan to pitch to Ryan. The plan? To backdoor Matt!

It sounded good, until Natalie "spilled the beans" to Matt, even after she spent an hour claiming to be "done with Matty!" (I think we all know she will NEVER "be done" with him!)

Josh goes up to the HOH and pitches the plan, only for Ryan to say he heard that "plan" from Matt...who was told by Natalie.

The "girls club" had to regroup & add in Chelsia & James into the plan and decides to keep Natalie out of the plan altogether, and then re-pitch it to Ryan.

Josh goes and pitches the new plan to Ryan, as Sharon is distracting Matt downstairs (Matt was in the downstairs bathroom shaving). The plan would ultimitly guarentee Ryan 3 weeks of being safe (this week of HOH plus 2 extra weeks of not being nom'ed)...if he backdoors Matt this week. If Ryan goes against this plan, then he will become a target for going against the house. It's really an offer that he can't refuse and he accepts it!!

Matt went up to HOH and questioned Ryan on if Josh has pitched their (original) plan to him and he said "no."...this is HUGE, folks!! Ryan is keeping the plan a secret from Matt!!


Okay, let's see what happens after the Veto Comp is over and who actually won it & take it from there!

The players in the comp are:
Ryan (HOH)
Sharon (Nom'ed)
Chelsia (Nom'ed)
and the...
Josh or James, Sheila, and Adam.

(and I missed who else was choosen..if any of you guys know, leave a comment!)
Update: Thanks for the other 3 veto comp players, Ashley!!

Update #2: "I think the 6th player in the POV is James not Josh. Not 100% though."-Annon.

(Okay, so we still don't know for sure who's all playing in the veto lol)

As soon as the Veto Comp is over, I'll report it!!

Stay tuned...