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Sunday, March 2, 2008

*sigh* Allison still pulling her shit. (VIDEO ADDED!!)

Allison is "like, really really, like...seriously insane. IN-sane." lol ;-)

She's talking to James and Chelsia right now in the backyard and trying to get their vote. It never stops with this girl.

I can't stand those stupid facial expressions she always has on her face, the fact that every other word is "like" or "seriously", and I hate how pathetic her game play is. She's just...ANNOYING!!!!!!

I'm trying to listen to her on the live feeds, but..shit!! I can't take much more of her!!

If Big Brother pulls some kind of shitty twist where that bitch stays (even if voted out), I will go insane! The HG's hate her and most BB fans can't stand her. BUT, if she's pulling in ratings (which I highly doubt), then CBS will most likely keep her punk ass. Damnitt.

...back to the feeds I go.

Stay tuned...

Here is Allison trying to get Chelsia & James' votes..
Video courtesy of Romie1218: