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Sunday, March 2, 2008

The CBS show + I had an ephiphany about the twist!!

Where do I even begin?!!

Once again, CBS did a hack job on the editing. They FINALLY showed the clip of what happened after Natalie gave Matt head, but they edited the clip to make it look like they shared a little kiss and Matt telling her "Don't get attached to me." as soon as he blew his load. By the way, this happened I think maybe on the 8th or 9th day in the house, and they're just NOW showing? WTF??!!! Oh, big brother. lol

Okay, they showed the hate/hate relationship between Allison and Josh..but the edit was...(how do I say this)...fuck it, I'll be blunt: it pissed me off! They made it seem like their fight was over Allison pretending to be gay (and with an adopted son with Sheila) and how that hurt Josh's feelings. Granted, that is one of the many, many, MANY things that ticked Josh off about Allison, but they made it seem like that was the reason for their falling out. Yes, I don't like Allison. Yes, the other HG's don't like her. Yes, her partner practically hates her now for what she's done to him. Yes, MANY BB fans dislike Allison as well. BUT, in Allison's defense, I think it was really wrong to portray her in that light. With that being said, I still have to kudos to Josh for staying out of her way and dodging fights/drama that she has been trying so hard to create. I just don't like how CBS made them *both* look tonight. Boooo, CBS! Booo!!!!! *thumbsdown*

Moving on...

The food comp was kinda stupid. "Big ASS-paragus" was the name of the game (how nice when weighing females on a large scale lol) They won every possible food item EXCEPT for "Carbs & a Feast" (Matt & Natalie's doing). But they still got the fruits & veggies, drinks & snacks, and Meats & Cheeses! :-D w00t w00t!!

Then it was time for the Nomination Ceremony: and this is where I had an epiphany about the TWIST on Wednesday! Josh CLEARLY said "Since this is Big Brother Till Death Do You Part, you will play as couples, get nominated as couples, and be evicted as couples." Something about the way he said that line, made a lightbulb in my head go off and I started giggling with excitement!

Okay, so here is my epiphany...
Think of the line "Until Death Do Us Part". Think of the Jericho virus. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Let's find out, here are my thoughts:
Virus=Death. Death=Out of the House. Out of the House=No longer a couple (they parted in "death"). Also, I realized that the HG's keys (for nominations) are single keys..not team keys. Clear indicator that they will in fact play as individuals!

Now let's look at some facts: There isn't enough HG's to go another 2 months and 1 week. The "death do us part" means that the couples that got evicted are now just "individuals" since they 'parted in death'.

Also, all the former HG's are in seclusion!! Prime example: Sharon. She should have been on the morning shows and etc, but she hasn't been. Jacob was in seclusion as well (Josh had his choice of who to bring back, remember?)

So, in conclusion: I think more HG's will come back and play as individuals, and the rest of the HG's will play as individuals as well.

What do you guys think??? LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW!! :-D

Update on the HG's coming right up so...

Stay tuned...