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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday March 30th: POV ceremony + Josh plans to get penalty nom!!

Okay, let's get the POV ceremony results out of the way first.

James, who won the POV and is on the block, decided to take himself off. The replacement nom is:


(that was the plan all along, for Sharon to be the replacement nom.)

In a strategic (or possibly stupid) move, Josh came up with a plan to get Natalie to keep him this week and get rid of Sharon instead:

Since Josh is on slop, he wants to eat a hamburger so that he can get an automatic penalty nom. A penalty nom would ensure that he could not play for HOH next week nor the POV. So what does this all mean? Well, this would mean that he would be a 'sitting duck' and easy to get out next week by all the HG's. But if James were to win HOH, he'd be safe (hopefully). It's a bold move for sure, but it would get Sharon out this week because why would you vote out someone that is GURANTEED to not win HOH or POV the following week, compared to keeping around a smart player like Sharon? This could be an excellent move in the game for Josh! Or it could come back to bite him in the ass! Here's the video of Josh explaining it to Natalie:

Part 2 of their convo:

Part 3 of their convo:

Josh told Natalie to NOT say anything to anyone (especially the boys in the house) about his master plan. Nat keep a secret?? Oh boy. Well, to her credit, she DID keep the secret from Ryan minutes later, but will it last? :

Alright kids, now you're all caught up to whats going on! I'll be updating tonight some more as shit unfolds, so....

Stay tuned...