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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saturday's Report-March 30th

Alright, here's everything that went down on Saturday:

The pranks continued on Sheila. This time, James dumped a glass of flour on her as she was sunbathing. She was NOT a happy camper by any means! lol

...more of Sheila being pissed off and the guys are laughing:

Sheila was complaining and saying that she wants to talk to the D.R. about it. Why is it that every time something happens, she has to run to the D.R.? Argh. She should just loosen up and prank'em back! She could have so much fun if she wasn't such a prude.

Actually, Big Brother joined in the pranks!!! First it was shutting off the water during Sheila's shower (LOLLLL!!!):

..then they scared Josh TWICE during the day by shinning a light on a halloween mask behind the mirrors in the house LOL

Here's the 1st BB prank on Josh:

And here's the 2nd one & you can actually see the guy in the mask with a flashlight in the reflection):

Next on Big Brother's prank list, a rat in the fridge (which was found by Josh):

Ahhhh what a fun day of pranks! lol

Alright, next up is today, Sunday's, report!!!