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Monday, March 10, 2008

This season just turned into shit...(reposted)

(Blogger messed up and I had to repost this, sorry.)

This season just turned into shit...

I try to refrain from posting my opinions in separate posts..actually, I think this may be my first time doing it. But I want feedback from ya'll on what I have to say and what I'm thinking:

This season started off Real World'ish but then by the 2nd week, it turned around and it was rather exciting. Then couples (which I hated the idea of a "couples" themed season to being with) started to get evicted because 1 partner was fucking it up for the other one. Ex: Jen with Parker, Allison with Ryan, Amanda with Alex.

Now that they are playing as individuals, the house is falling apart and it's turning into a mind-numbing show. There's double agents, everybody telling everyone lies, nobody can get their stories straight, it's just a big cluster-fuck of shit. CBS has got to be kicking themselves at this point with the remaining houseguests and the way things are going (and will continue to go in the future).

It's become predictable in a sense as well. Sheila is a double-agent in the game and as we ALL KNOW, double-agents don't get very far in the BB house; they get caught and then quickly eliminated. This season is more about "Haha I got you!" evictions, rather than game play and being strategic and it's annoying. Did BB forget to do an IQ test with all the HG's this year? Looks that way! Perfect example, Natalie. Enough said.

Speaking of predictable, I can already tell that Sheila, Natalie, and Sharon won't win this season. Sheila (like I said earlier) is a double-agent and she's not that good of one to begin with, so she'll be out soon. Natalie; do I even need to go there? She's a no brainer on why she won't win. And Sharon...the only girl that I originally thought had a fighting chance of winning, is now a guarantee that she will go home. Just like Sheila, she is a double agent and she will be used time and time again, until the 'Big Dogs' in the house throw her away when they don't need her anymore. And James is pretty much gone already. I don't see how there will be enough votes to keep him in the game this week.

Now, with another houseguest coming back, you would think it would make things interesting; I used to think so too, until today. Every poll out there says that Alex is CLEARLY America's #1 choice (no other previous houseguest even comes close in the polls on various websites). So, wait...WHEN Alex comes back, he's going to be on Matt's side...which also means Ryan & Adam's side, and he'll be a part of the "Bros Alliance" and the women will be picked off one by one.

This early into the season, I should *not* be able to predict most of the season, and I can. I just hope I am dead-wrong about most of it and BB surprises me...otherwise, it's going to be one boring fucking season.

I want to know your thoughts. What do you agree/disagree with. Speak your mind!! Let's see what ya'll have to say! :)

here are the 2 comments from the original post (before blogger messed up):

1) I would agree...I, personaly, am getting tired of watching the same thing over and over again. Day after day and night after night. There seems to be a lot of this season and its getting rather dull. I hope CBS realizes their show is starting to take the giant spin down the tubes and makes a drastic correction. -Annonymous

2) I agree with most of what you said but i do think alex could be a wild card only due to the fact that he may be pissed that matt made deals to stay. Other than that its fairly easy to see whats going to happen. I do think matt with break the bros alliance at the final 4 if he can keep nat til then and use her to get one of the boys out then burn her in final 3. Just for the fact that he could ensure himself a final 2 spot probably with ryan if the game went perfect for what he wanted. all it takes though is josh or one of his side to win HOH out 2 of the guys up and if one wins pov the other guy goes up if the guy not on the block wins nat goes up and one of the 4 is forced out. SO it just comes down to who wins the comps and nothing else which is lame.-Annonymous

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