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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Update on Sharon & Josh

I'm watching the live feeds, and it *appears* that Josh & Sharon are back to cool again. But then again, who knows.

James, Chelsia, Josh, Sharon, and Sheila are in the hot tub talking about the game and what happened today.

Josh: "I evicted Ryan! If it wasn't for that siren, he would gone right now."

Updated @ 12:47am BBT: A regular visitor of the blog posted a comment that I wanted to post here for ya'll to see:

After the feeds came back on, and the blow up... Josh/Sharon agreed to appear separate for information... of which Sharon has told Josh EVERYTHING... she hasn't lied. She never turned on Josh, but is playing for votes and playing their side.

Sharon knows they are using her, they know what they are trying to get her to do, and turn on Josh... so she is playing them. Smart girl.

Thank you Pyke for clarifying that!! ;-)

Stay tuned...