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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Today's Food Comp LEAKED!!!! (video)

I had the live feeds in the background as trivia played on them during the Food Comp, when all of a sudden, I heard the food comp going on!! I looked at the feeds, and there it was; today's food comp being leaked!!!!!!

And I got it all on video for ya'll ;-)

[youtube pulled this video..twice! i uploaded it twice, and it was pulled twice. other youtube'ers have had their food comp vids pulled as well. I think it's CBS that is cockblocking all of us BB9 youtube'ers]

After the comp, all the HG's showered off the goo that they had to slide down into, and the feed watchers got a great look at Natalie's if we're never seen it before lol Either way, enjoy!! :-)

Speaking of Natalie:
The "Bro Alliance" (made up of Adam, James, Ryan, & Matt) and Chelsia are in the HOH room talking shit on Natalie. Matt is trying somewhat to defend her, I'll give him that much credit, by saying that she's just "different" because she's creative and an artist. Will Nat go up on the block today? Hmm!!!!

Update: Josh is on slop and not happy about it at all! lol It's fucking with his diet. He has lost a lot of weight and toned up since the show started..I'm impressed!!! Amazing what a person can do in just 4 weeks to lose weight and tone up!

Stay tuned...