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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Who to put up on the block? Hmmm!!

Sounds like Sheila & Sharon might go up on the block. Ryan would tell Sharon she's a pawn, even though she would be the one he's gunning after).

Matt is feeding Ryan all these ideas. They figure that sheila won't win shit anyways
but that Sharon would have votes to stay from Chelsia, Josh, and possibly James. Okay, I don't see this "Bro Alliance" working out well! lol

Then they toy with the idea of putting up Natalie, then quickly say 'no' to that because they are going to use her for now. She's a great player to have in their "pocket" and will use her when they need her (for comps, info, etc).

Matt is also feeding Ryan the idea of putting up Josh. He said "get rid of josh, he was last weeks target!" and Ryan is listening to a puppet on a string! *sigh*

They also said that they will keep chelsia around for a little while long because she's not a strong player by any means.

Matt is INSISTING to put up Josh & Sharon: Matt-"he (Josh) made your life a living hell for you and your partner!"

I'm hoping that Ryan is just playing along with Matt and will backdoor him for being two-faced last week and for now trying to make him make put up the people HE wants to see go up. He's acting like the HOH, and that has got to piss of the current HOH, right? I would think so! Unless he's blind. But I give Ryan more credit than that. He's not stupid.

James then walked in the HOH room and asked Ryan who he's thinking of putting up on the block.

They all agree that Sheila can be used as a "buffer" later on in the game. (ex: if Matt goes on the block and they want him to stay, they'd put up Sheila to ensure he stays in the house).

Ooooo how the scenario's are just flying today!!!

Thanks to our good friend, John from Pennsylvania, we now know who the winners of the Food Comp are:


Thanks John! I missed that on the live feeds when I was busy uploading the food comp vid and re-uploading the Natalie vid that YouTube took a big thanks to you!!

Update: Thanks for the correction, Lyndsey!!! :-D

Stay tuned...