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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Uh oh....another CLUE to the siren??

Too many things are pointing towards the siren going off TONIGHT!!

This video was *just* taken at 1:20am EST

(Video courtesy of...ME! :P)

So far, here are the clues:

*HOH remote is missing (BB take it?)
*Without remote, HOH tv doesn't work
*Since HOH tv doesn't work, the HOH's can't view the living room cam
*The living room is *the* place the HG's need to go when siren goes off
*Announcer on tonights show said to "tune in tomorrow" to find out what the siren is all about
*Couples are being called into the Diary Room REALLY late (that has NEVER happened before!!)

The HG's are BUZZZZZING with exctiment and nerves tonight! Sharon is freaking the fuck out (hardcore! lol) and Josh is very anxious and can't sit still.

Folks, I'm tellin' ya, it's going to happen tonight!!

Unless BB is just fucking with us....damn them! Now I'M anxious!!!!

Stay tuned...