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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wow...fuck you CBS!!!!

Sorry guys, I had MAJOR techincal difficulties and I just now was able to get online.

So it seems that it was us, America, that got backdoored!! Here's why...

Evicted from the House is:


The HG Voted Back In Is:


But wait, there's more...

All of the HG's had the choice to choose between either letting America's choice back in the house, OR to let James come back in the house.

The Houseguests Choose:


Everyone heard James say something like "Don't you ever fuck me over like that again" to Matt (or something to that affect. I heard it, but missed the exact words.)

So Alex did not get picked.


Anyways, the HG's are now playing the HOH comp and it's an endurance comp!! I have the live feeds up but they're still on trivia. Once they come back up, I will report it all as it unfolds!!

Stay tuned...