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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Update on the Endurance Comp:

Natalie is the one mostly talking, right now she's talking about how her outfit matches the stars in the HOH set-up. Yippie. :-/ Anyways, here's a list of who's still in and who's already out!!


Who's Out:
*Sharon @ 8:16pm BBT
*Chelsia @ 9:04pm BBT

Who's Still In:

Update @ 7:29pm BBT:
Nobody else has fallen off yet..

Update @ 7:51pm BBT:
Nobody else fell off yet. Natalie is trying to annony Chelsia, James and Sharon by talking non-stop and singing little bit here and there. She keeps saying "Sorry I'm talking but I wanna have fun while I'm up here! I'm sorry if I'm annoying you guys.." and she is rather chipper & upbeat about it. Chelsia is starting to show signs of weakness and being uncomfortable (her feet hurt her really bad).

Update @ 8:17pm BBT:
SHARON IS OUT!!!!! She dropped on purpose, her legs are asleep. Now Natalie is telling James & Chelsia that they are not HER target, it's Josh that she would go after. James doesn't give a shit, he's not giving up. :-D


Update @ 8:22pm:
It's just Nat, Chelsia & James now!!
Natalie: "I'm good! It's just like hanging on a stripper pole!!" (you would know lol)
James: (to Chelsia) "If it's just me you, I'll drop." (he sounded happy about it)

Update @ 8:25pm:
Sharon: (to Josh in kitchen) "I wanna be friends with you outside this house! If I ever fucked you over, I would never be able to look at myself in the mirror."
(her and Josh have rekindled their partnership..or so it seems.)

Update @ 9:01pm:
Nobody else fell off yet, though Chelsia isn't looking so good right now!

Update @ 9:04pm:
CHELSIA IS OUT!!! She accidently slipped off & she's pissed!

Update @ 9:41pm:
It's still just James & Natalie! BB is moving the thing faster, after James & Nat said they'd start making deals by the 7th hour..and they're only in their 4th hour lol James is "in the zone" as he proclaimed a few minutes ago. Natalie keeps saying she's REALLY thirsty and just wants a big glass of water.

Update @ 9:45pm:
Ooooo!! James just tried to make a deal with Nat (to put up Ryan) and Ryan got PISSED and said "Oh, you're going to fuck ME over now??" and James said "Look what you did to me!!" James then called off the deal and said he can go until 7 hours.
James-"I'll just wait. I feel like I just need to do it myself."
Now Matt is whispering to Natalie "take the deal! take the deal!" and Natalie is not listening to him..thank the lord!! Matt will use Nat to backdoor James AGAIN, and he knows it!! Ryan is talking shit on James..."He's squirming over there! Look!"...I can't fucking stand Ryan anymore, he's become a sell-out version of Matt.

Update @ 10:13pm:
Natalie is sick!! Natalie feels like she's going to vomit!! Nat asked for her and Matty to be safe this week, James said okay (and I think he means it), Matt is telling her to not take the deal and to stay strong!! Uh oh, she's starting to cry and keeps saying she's going puke!!!!!!!

Stay tuned...