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Thursday, March 6, 2008

*Zzzzz* Time for bed!! (pics)

This day has been nothing short of exhausting for both the houseguests and me! As Julie said, it's a whole new game! While I'm having trouble "separating" the couples in my mind, I think the HG's are too.

Everyone chose to continue sleeping together. Everyone except Adam & Sheila. lol Poor Sheila. She couldn't hack one more night with snoring Baller (Adam) next to her.

James & Chelsia are still very much an "item" and they were caught kissing & snuggling again..and I think even a handjob or a little sex..couldn't tell from the camera being on the opposite side of the room. I saw blankets moving, them kissing, and James' hand moving Chelsia's hand under the covers & behind her ass (they were spooning at the time). James looks like he's in love with Chelsia, while Chelsia looks more like a 'ya..whatever.' kind of gal anymore. Just seems like he likes her more than her. Or maybe she's just not getting close so that she can keep her head in the game. Who knows. Anyways, here they are kissing:

Ryan looks happy..but bored at the same time. Almost like he has too much time on his hands. Here he is roaming aimlessly in the HOH room, as the other HG's are sleeping downstairs.

Speaking of sleeping houseguests, I think Matt just jerked off in bed lol I saw him moving around while I had the Quad Cam going, so I switched on over to channel 3 and the covers were conviently placed so that you couldn't see that much of movement 'down there' but there was definite movement!

About 5 minutes later, I saw Matt wiping something off of his hand onto the side of the bed sheets. Umm...I think we can guess what happened. ;-)

So that's what happened tonight! Now that the HG's are all tucked in their beds, I'm going to do the same. See ya'll in the morning!!

Until then,
Stay tuned...