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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Adam & Ryan talk about Sheila (vid)

Ryan rips her apart by saying she's "washed up" and Adam adds to the bashing by saying that she was hot 25 yrs ago when she was a Penthouse Pet of the Year but that's about it. Then they move on to talking about evicted HG's and how everybody in the house has lied but that some of the evicted HG's went around saying that they didn't lie at all and that they're bullshitters.

Okay guys, I'm going to be offline until around midnight tonight. I'm driving from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania for my bridal shower but I'm stopping in Ohio for the night and when I get to my hotel, I'll do an update! :) If you wanna watch the Final 2 on the feeds OR watch BB9 all over again on the Replay feeds, go ahead and get the live feeds for free! The trial is for 14 days and there's only 4 days until the finale!! (By the way, the replay feeds are now on week 2).

Update on Saturday April 26th:
Hey everyone!!! Well, I left my laptop back in Milwaukee so I won't be able to do updates between now and the finale. But I will be back to blogging the finale tomorrow so check back then!! :-D And THANK YOU for all the very sweet comments from you guys!!!

Stay tuned...

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