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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Finale!!!!! (spoiler)

Hey everyone!! I'm bbbaccckkk!!! :-D I'm late (thanks to Chicago traffic) but I'm back!

Right now, they are showing the jury house talking to Ryan & Adam...
Adam seemed to do a LOT of damage with the Q & A part between the Jury house and himself. It'll be interesting to see who wins tonight!!

Now Julie is welcoming the BB jury:
Matt, Chelsia, Josh, James, Natalie, Sharon, Sheila.

"When we return, the jury members will cast their vote for the houseguest they want to win!"-Julie Chen

Okay, the voting is starting!!

Matty *voted*
Natalie *voted*
Josh *voted* (sounds like he's voting for Ryan)
Sharon *voted* (she's voting for the most "loyal" in the game..hmm.)
Sheila *voted* (Sounds like she's voting for Ryan, too!!)
James *voted*
Chelsia *voted*

After commercial, the first 6 HG's evicted will return and talk about the show. (Jen, Parker, Jacob, etc etc)

Matt appologized for everything (to Natalie) that she will eventually see on the show LOL

Julie is asking Jen what her thoughts are about Allison, Jen does NOT like her at all (because she liked Ryan and talked shit on Jen). Allison is saying that she has no hard feelings for Jen and think that Jen & Ryan belong together and now she's slamming Jen for calling Ryan names and such.

LMAO!! They just showed the video of Josh crying to Adam (the fake crying to get him to stay in the house) and Adam was shocked at it!

Up next, CBS will announce America's Choice for which juror will get the $25,000

Now it's time to reveal the votes:


The Winner of Big Brother 9 is:


America's Choice for the juror who will get $25,000 is coming up next!!!

The Winner of America's Choice Juror is:


Well guys, the season is over!! :-D

One more post coming up....

Stay tuned...

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