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Monday, April 7, 2008

Could James stay now??!! Let the games begin! ;-)

Ryan told Adam up in the HOH room (in a panic/scared state of mind) that the whole house knows what their plan is for going to the Final 2 together. Adam blames it on James ease-dropping on the convo during the outside lockdown, but I think it was Adam who told James that (can't confirm that though).

Then Sheila went up and told Adam EVERYTHING! What the "girls alliance" is all about, that Natalie is gunning for Adam & Ryan, and all kinds of shit that has Adam's brain swirling and I would not doubt that from Adam & Ryan's state of panic, they try to keep James in order to get out Natalie this week. Things are in the works, guys! The wheels are in motion!

If Adam and Ryan are smart (and I'm really not sure if they are at this point lol) then they will want to keep James around and destroy the "girls alliance" thing, starting with Sharon going home. Also, since James is the biggest threat in the house, and Adam can't play for HOH this week, Adam SHOULD want James to stay and be in an alliance with Adam (and possibly even Sheila, who is disposable in the game at any given time anyways.)

Here's the vid of Sheila telling Adam everything:

The live feeds are ALIVE tonight, guys!! Get'em up & running!!

Oh, and James also said tonight that he plans on keeping Natalie up for the next 2 days so that she's shit for the HOH comp. lol Now THIS is what I love about Big Brother: drama, scheming, and alliances turning on each other...giddy up!! :-D

Stay tuned...