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Monday, April 7, 2008

James still going home, but has major plans in store! ;-)

James is making the most of knowing that he's a "dead man" in the game.

He plans on messing with Natalie tomorrow, he plans on throwing flour on more people before he leaves, and he's also planning on convincing Matty that Natalie fucked up his game so that just in case Nat makes it to the final 2, she won't have Matty's vote. And with James, Chelsia, and Josh in sequester, you know they won't vote for her as well. So it would be 4 people not voting to give Nat the $500k prize money (and there's only 3 more people that will enter sequester.) Even in the end, James is still screwing her over. lol

James: "I'm gonna ream into her tomorrow, I'm not gonna make it bad..but don't say 'Aww I'm sorry Natalie!', ya know? Just fuckin' let her have it. Let me eat her apart."

Sheila: "Okay!"

James: "..And I'm not gonna be loud or whatever...I'm gonna do tactful short jabs.."

Sheila: "Do whatever ya gotta do."

James: "'s to open peoples eyes (about Natalie)"

So, what has been going in the house? Nothing really. Alot of sleeping, eating, and sunbathing. That's about it. Once in a while, some game play talk will form, but nothing really means anything at this point because EVERYONE is playing & lying to EVERYONE. Sharon formed yet another alliance today, this time it was with Sheila. I think she officially now has an alliance with everyone in the house now. lol

So there's been a lot of "Don't worry, I got your back!" talk, but like I said, nothing means shit. It's all about what actually happens, and nothing about talk at this point in the least not until after the HOH on Wednesday. Then that's when shit will hit the fan, alliances will be outed, and shit talkers will get know, all that fun stuff! ;-) hahaha!!

Alot of you have commented that if James goes home, at least it will be fun to watch the "good people" (aka "Team Christ") eat each other up. I couldn't agree more! ;-)

Ohhhh what a tangled web we weave. And I can't wait to see it all fall apart, Big Brother style!!

Click here to get the live feeds and watch James tear the house apart tonight & all day tomorrow!!!

Stay tuned...