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Monday, April 7, 2008

Double eviction info + "James is already gone" + James naked again

The BB house has been rather dull this evening. James gave it a shot to campaign but has once again accepted his fate. I do think, however, he will ruffle a few feathers before his final exit on wednesday. ;) He has told Sharon tonight (around 12am BBT) that he will get as much info as he can from around the house and then tell Sharon what's going on (to further help her in the game).

They both talked about double eviction this week again. This isn't the first time. Will a double eviction happen this week? I'm 99% sure it will.

Sharon "mysteriously" started talking about a double eviction to Ryan a few days ago, and that was around the same time that James started to mention it as well. I'm sure it was hinted from the D.R. Well, they both talked about it tonight as if it was for sure going to happen this wednesday:

..and they talked it some more just a few minutes later...

Moving on...

Remember how James campaigned earlier? Well, it didn't work. Not only that, but Adam tried to feel out Ryan on where he stood with James and once Ryan said that he was "already gone", then Adam just went along with him. I find it funny that Adam didn't tell Ryan about James' campaigning today, even when Ryan asked him if he did:

Ryan: "James is already gone, dude."

And for those James fans out there, here's a very quick clip of James naked (again! lol):

Oh, and in TOTAL random news...I caught a leak on the live feeds of a Big Brother crew member stocking the storage room with alchohol as Sheila was trying to gain access into the storage room. Pretty weird to see someone else in the house besides just the HG's!!!

Okay, I'm done with vids for the night now. lol ;-)

More updates tomorrow as usual!! :-D

Stay tuned...