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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

HOH comp: (video added!)

It's an ENDURANCE COMP!!!!! w00t w00t!!


(I also take donations to replenish my endurance comp snacks! lol :) )

Sharon was heard saying (on CBS) that she hurt her back yesterday and she can feel herself slipping...


9:11pm EST:

9:16pm EST:

Big Brother just blew more smoke up at the HG's in their boxes...

9:56pm EST:

Update @ 10:13pm EST:
Nobody else has dropped yet. Sheila/Ryan/Nat are still battling it out!!

Update @ 10:42pm EST:
Nobody has dropped still. They are ALL hanging in with different motivations! Sheila keeps saying she wants a letter from her son & that she's the only one who hasn't won an HOH yet. Natalie is hanging there to gain control of the house of course, and Ryan is hanging in there mostly for Adam's sake but his own safety as well. It's gonna be a looong night! lol ;-)

Update @ 10:50pm EST:
Ryan is writing his nickname "Oil" on the side of the glass:

Update @ 11:20pm EST:

Right now (at 11:20pm) the talk that was mindless/fun chatter has now turned to game talk: Ryan is saying that James & crew made "sides" to the house and split it down the middle. Ryan is bashing James and getting seriously pissed off just thinking about him. The hate that Ryan has for James is more than clear.

Update @ 11:29pm EST:
Ryan is talking about food (shocker, I know lol) He's talking about burgers and what he's gonna make when he gets done and how he's going to cook it. Sheila is complaining that her feet & butt are killing her.

Update @ 11:40pm EST:
DEALS ARE BEING MADE!!! Ryan & Nat said that they will "give" Sheila the HOH comp as long as they are safe. Sheila says okay and that she will put up Adam & Sharon! Is she lying? Or does she plan to backdoor Ryan or Nat? Hmm!!! So Nat said that Ryan should drop first and Nat will make it look like an accident. Ryan & Nat are telling Sheila to get Adam out. Wow!! (Btw, Adam & Sharon were inside the BB house and didn't hear any of the deal-making.)

Update @ 11:47pm EST:
Looks like the deal was accepted...

RYAN HAS DROPPED (on purpose)

Update @ 11:47pm EST:
Natalie & Sheila are still up....Natalie keeps saying "Ohh what should I do??!" (either she's trying to act for the sake of Sharon & Adam or she's trying to delay dropping for the deal they made in hopes of Sheila falling before she drops on purpose.)

Stay tuned....