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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Live Eviction show has begun!!!!

I'm not going to do an minute by minute update, but every commericial I will!

Wow...they're really setting up this episode/the votes to seem as if James has a slight chance of staying in the game (when he doesn't). And they're going to show Sharon's family/friends a little bit later in the show..last time they did that was with Josh and he was evicted. Hmmm! Interesting. CBS giving us all false-hope that James will stay? Probably. We shall see!!


Ahhh now I know why they're showing Sharon's family; they are showing how sweet she is, and that because of her bad car accident, she became more religious, etc etc. I think it's just to butter up the James fans so his eviction won't be as hard.

Oh, and the sequester house is gonna be shown right after commercial!!


The voting has started...

Evicted from the BB house is:


"We will give James the bad news after we return." -Jule Chen


James is out, he was out the door within 10 seconds (gave Sharon, Sheila, and Adam a hug and shook hands with Nat and Ryan). When talking to Julie, James said he was happy to be out the house now. He says he hates Ryan & Nat for WHO they are (not what they've done in the game).

Up next...HOH COMP!! Looks like an endurance one!! :-D

Stay tuned...