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Monday, April 28, 2008

Interview with BB9 Winner Adam (vid)

Hey guys & gals!

Host of Housecalls, Gretchen, did an interview with all the HG's and I figured ya'll would want to see them so I'm posting them here!

Here's the interview with the Winner of Big Brother 9: Adam!!

He says that he DIDN'T throw the last HOH comp and he FINALLY tells us all where "A-Baller" comes from!

And here is the interview with the runner-up of BB9, Ryan:

He was saying how he (if given the choice of who to be paired up with) would have choosen his girlfriend Jen. Could you imagine those 2 playing together? Wonder how far they would have got in the game!

And then the lovely Sheila:

Love her shamless plug about looking for work. lol Also, she said that Adam is "not her type" so NO they are NOT a real couple (it would have come out by now for sure!) She also says that she likes Evel Dick and that Dani said she likes Sheila..wouldn't that be wild to see Dick & Sheila hook up!! Haha!!

And the winner of the $25,000 America's Favorite Juror, James:

Since James will be biking around the world, and he hinted to Gretchen that Chelsia won't be going with him, wonder if their relationship will remain or fade into a really good friendship. We shall see!

If you would like to watch all the interviews (Amanda, Matty, Allison, Sharon, Sheila, Natalie, Amanda, Chelsia, and Jen) then go to Quirkydude's YouTube Page and check'em out!

Stay tuned...

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